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Linerlock Knives

Fox-N-Hound Knives

The liner lock is one of the most popular knife locking systems found in folding knives. Liner locks offer a tail cut into the bottom of the knife that moves side to side unlocking the knife blade. Without this occurrence the blade does not fold. On you will find a vast selection of Liner Locking Knives to choose from when it comes to the style and size of your next knife purchase.

Fox-N-Hound Knives CU16CP354

Clemson Tigers Linerlock

Fox-N-Hound Knives CU16CP354 for sale online

Fox-N-Hound Knives CU...

Part #: FCU16CP354


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Fox-N-Hound Knives CU16CP145

Clemson Champion Linerlock

Fox-N-Hound Knives CU16CP145 for sale online

Fox-N-Hound Knives CU...

Part #: FCU16CP145


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