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Fixed Blade Knives

Dirk Pinkerton Knives

Ask anyone what their favorite brand of fixed blade knives are and the answers will range from A to Z. This is why here at Knife Mule we offer a variety of options for fixed knife enthusiasts to choose from. One size fits all is never the case when it comes to choosing a knife to fill your wants and needs.

Dirk Pinkerton Knives 004

Custom Fixed Blade

Dirk Pinkerton Knives 004 for sale online

Dirk Pinkerton Knives...

Part #: DP004


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Dirk Pinkerton Knives 003P

Custom Broad Head Neck

Dirk Pinkerton Knives 003P for sale online

Dirk Pinkerton Knives...

Part #: DP003P


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